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for either violence or from natural disaster and we talked about bringing an end to the violence in syria, and also praying that israeli and palestinians can get back to negotiating and the pope praying also for stability in iraq and afghanistan. now, there was absolutely an overflow crowd in st. peter's square as there is every year, but perhaps this year, even a bit more, just because it was such a beautiful day and flags from all over the world there to greet the pope as the pope greeted the faithful, giving his sermon in more than 50 different languages and christmas got kicked off with the christmas eve mass in st. peters basilica and a buell and solemn mass and warned the fateful to watch out for the glitter in christmas. go beyond to find the true joy and the true life and the commercial side can sometimes overshadow the real meaning of christmas. the real meaning for the joy and finally, jamie the pope has a big year coming up and he's going to turn 85 and also planning on making a trip to cuba before easter, that's certainly going to be one to watch. jamie. >> pretty interesting.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)

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